Extensive Government engagements across multiple agencies in various jurisdictions. Strategic advisory, business case design, economic analysis and implementation.

Advisory support and negotiation for infrastructure companies in technical, financial and commercial capacity.

Advice across the full project cycle from inception, business case development & approval into implementation (technical and commercial) of submarine cable network into Australia.

Opportunity identification and analysis across emerging technologies including digital connectivity rollouts across Asia Pacific.



Grex supports its clients to create executable strategies to make the most of the opportunities offered in and threats by rapidly evolving digital technology.


Commercial, Regulatory

We build on the in-depth knowledge of current and emerging technology trends to bring our clients commercially viable solutions within complex regulatory contexts.



We support high-profile M&A transaction processes through robust technical and commercial due diligence services. The depth and timeline of our due diligence process can be scaled based on the project. Grex has the capability to quickly undertake validation & verification of potential market opportunities, and the resources provide granular analysis over a long transaction process.



Grex advise all levels of government on policy design and development in the telecommunications sector. For non-government clients, Grex can provide regulatory impact analysis and review through extensive experience operating in a heavily regulated sector.


Financial and Technical

Grex places a heavy emphasis on rigorous data analysis and modelling. We have extensive experience in building demand and financial models in business cases and M&A contexts.


Financial modelling

Grex provides bespoke financial model design and development, often using our demand modelling capability to increase the accuracy of our financial models. Our models can be tailored for both internal and external purposes, and be maintained by Grex or transitioned wholly to clients.


Demand analysis

Grex models complex demand forecasts for technologies in Asia Pacific. We leverage detailed geospatial technologies with various forms of data from economic data to predict levels of demand for services based on location and service. This can quickly help you assess an opportunity you’ve identified. Our substantial experience is invaluable where existing data is often scarce and inaccurate.


Since 2015, Grex has been focussed on the challenges posed by rapid developments in digital technology and how this impacts multiple industry segments.

Across Australia and New Zealand, Grex supports clients with a wide range of services to ensure that digital innovation opportunities are embraced with minimal risk

With a team of industry experts across multiple disciplines, Grex offers a unique ability to bridge the gap between commercial and technical advisory, providing a suite of services to support clients across the telecommunications, technology, power and utilities and Government sectors.

who we are

Michael Hart

Strategy, Commercial, Policy, Regulatory and Implementation.

Industry exposure includes Telecommunications, Construction, Information Technology, Retail, Property and Gaming plus wider experience gained through the provision of services to other industries including and International experience covers both Asia Pacific and Europe.

Gareth Simmons

Extensive commercial contract and negotiation expertise, as well as detailed technical knowledge and experience.

Gareth has held numerous senior executive roles and has over 20 years experience in developing & implementing successful commercial and technical strategic initiatives across IT&T and infrastructure industries across Europe and Asia Pacific




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